About Terri

TeresaHey!  It’s Teresa Brumit here, and welcome to Armed with a Keyboard.  I’m a writer, blogger, reader, wife, mother, grandmother, analyst (day job), die-hard horror fan (in any form), and obsessed with my dog, Skarlette.  This blog is simply an honest account of my life, and opinions.  It’s nothing ground breaking, but I think you’ll find something interesting here, and hopefully you will enjoy my candor, my writing style, and my point of view.  I look forward to chatting with you via the comments.


When I write, it’s primarily horror and dark fantasy, although I have dabbled a bit in sci-fi and literary fiction.  I’ve written poetry and short stories, and I’m currently working on completing my first novel.   Much of my work is inspired by dark urban legends, but I do have a soft spot for serial killer fiction, and dysfunctional families gone awry.  My novel is based on an urban legend that I found during the wee hours of the night while my insomnia deprived me of sleep.  I submit short stories for publication on a regular basis in hopes of getting my creative work out there for the world to read.  Once I achieve this, I’ll create a publications page so any of you who become fans, can find my creative fiction.

coupleI’ve been married to my amazing husband, Todd, for 18 years, and I look forward to the next 40, 50, or maybe even 60 years with him.  Simply put, he’s my best friend, and probably the one human on this planet that understands me.  No matter what I’m doing, I want him with me.  It may sound corny but we truly are soulmates.  For instance, I hate going to work every day because I have to leave him, and I love coming home from work because I know he’ll be home as soon as he fights through Houston’s traffic nightmare.

carlMy oldest son, Carl, has grown into a man who is engaged in his children’s lives, and a husband who adores his wife.  He works hard to provide for them, and I’m proud of who he’s become.  Like his dad, Carl is an amazing cook.  He worked as a chef for many years.  His adoring wife, Nikki, keeps him walking a straight line.  I must admit, she’s probably one of the best things for him and his craziness.  These two have given me two wonderful grandkids, Lucy and Luke.  Both are precocious and full of energy.  In short, I love them and I’m proud of the family they are building.

kitMy second child, Kit, is probably the most generous person that I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing, and I’m a better person for knowing her.  She walks to the beat of her own drum, but I respect her individuality on every level.  She writes, like I do, but her poison is poetry, which by the way, is always dark and brooding and fantastic.  I hope one day she’ll explore publication because I think she has a shot at being one of the great poets.  Her work reminds me of Sylvia Plath’s on many levels, but it’s quite unique to her personal view of the world.  You can find her work on her blog, Pitch Black Poesy.  Head over and visit, you won’t be sorry.

benMy youngest, Ben, has had a tough life, but I think he has always been meant for greatness.  For reasons I will not share, he and I have been estranged, but the horizon looks promising.  He’s the type of person who learns best by doing, and I’m excited to see who he develops into in the future.  He did tell me that he has a little girl, Lilly, and I’m hopeful that I will get to meet her in the future so I can spoil her just like I do my other grand kids.

leftandrightProfessionally I’m a data analyst, and while this is exactly opposite of the neurons that a writer engages, I’m quite good at it.  I’ve earned an MBA in Project Management and an MA in English/Creative Writing.  Each degree fuels the respective parts of the brain that I need to leverage in my professional life, as well as my artistic endeavors.  I’ve done many things over the course of my career that contributes to my well-rounded knowledge in business.  Creatively, I aspire to be a published author in both short fiction as well as novel length.  I tend to write from the bad guy’s point of view, because honestly, my view of the world is skewed slightly off-center.

moonIn the world of horror, I simply can’t get enough: movies, books, documentaries, short stories, and novels.  Whatever the medium, I’m up for it.  Let’s just say I love Pennywise, and read about serial killers for fun.  On the surface, people might say I’m homicidal, but what truly interests me is the psychology of fear and how that affects readers.  I think my obsession with horror started at a young age.  My first experience was in the mid-70’s when my two older sisters (who were already teens and driving) smuggled me into a drive-in movie theater.  The feature that night was Friday the 13th, and while I was terrorized by it, I loved the adrenalin that accompanied my primal fear.  After that, I was hooked on all things creepy, scary, and frightening.

psx_20171214_1201522045602920.jpgAs for my obsession, Skarlette, what can I say – she’s perfect.  I never thought a Miniature Australian Shepherd would steal my heart, but she has.  I nursed her through two broken front legs, and the rest is history.  She’s my partner in crime.  Wherever I go, she’s there with me.  Heck, she’s even present when I’m in the bathroom.  I couldn’t ask for a better four-legged friend.  Probably the most unique quality that she has is her high-pitched diva bark.  Yes, it crucifies the ear drums, but it makes her an original and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  If I had to sum her up in one word it would be ‘Spoiled‘, and that’s fine with me.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at Armed with a Keyboard, and I hope you will visit often.