Put Down the Damn Cell Phone and Drive

textdriveTime and time again, I’ve seen Houston drivers with their eyes downcast while their fingers race across the mobile keyboard as they text and drive.  Seriously people, quit texting and driving.  How can you possibly pay attention to the traffic around you when you are engrossed in a text whose importance is insignificant in the grand scheme of things?

The tell-tale signs are always present, and I can spot a texting driver immediately.  First, the car who is weaving in and out of their lane is a sure sign for me to ease off the gas pedal.  I’ve even seen near collisions because of this.  So, when I see it, I back off the gas so I can stop in time to call 911, and report the texting/driving idiot whose just either crashed into a tree or crashed into another person.

The second clear indicator that the idiot in from of me is texting and driving is the driver who hits the brakes for no apparent reason other than the air in front of them must be blocking the way.  You’ve seen them.  They are travelling at least 10 miles under the speed limit.  There are no cars in front of them for at least a mile (the road in front is basically deserted).  Yet inevitably, the stooge driving in front of you is breaking at sporadic intervals, slowing to an even more snail-like pace.

Believe it or not people, this kind of texting and driving too slow is just as dangerous.  Texting and driving “can reduce driving focus by 37 percent” according to an Esurance article that I read.  If the driver in front of you is already clueless, texting and driving reduces their ability to drive safe significantly more.   This type of driving makes it harder on the rest of as well.  I hate being behind this type of driver because I must constantly be diligent in braking, while maintaining my view of what’s behind me.  Not only do I risk running into this idiot in front of me, but I am also at risk of the idiot behind who could potentially be just as distracted.  Bottom line is:  PUT THE CELL PHONE DOWN!

And yes, I’ve heard many people claim that they are a careful driver even if they are texting.  I have one word for you:  wrong.  You’re not a good enough driver to drive while looking down.  It just isn’t possible so quit lying to yourselves.  Texting and driving perpetrators are just as bad as the vain woman in the car ahead that is so focused on her makeup and hair that she is completely clueless as to what is going on around her.

If you don’t believe that texting and driving are dangerous, read the “Texting and Driving Statistics.”  The facts are startling, especially when you consider the fact that “approximately 660,000 drivers” at any given moment are using their cell phone in some way while they are driving.  This article points out that “1.6 million” accidents are cause by distracted driving involving the use of a cell phone in a single year.  Wrap your heads around that; 1,600,000 accidents.  And of those 1.6 million accidents, each driver is six times more likely to cause an accident.

Please people, put your cell phones in the glove box and have a little compassion for your fellow driver.  I know that I want to get home safely – how about you?

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