Day 7: Walk the Road You Paved

I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.

~ Stephen Covey 

Today’s inspirational quote is, in my opinion, direct and to the point.  It speaks to my philosophy in life that who I am is a by-product of the decisions that I made.  I’m not saying that circumstances didn’t shape or drive those decisions, but it’s impossible to deny that the choices I made, were just that, choices I made.  No one circumstance swayed me in my final decisions.

I made my choices.  I make no excuses for them.  Even the bad ones.  They were mine to make, and I own the consequences that resulted from them.  It’s critical that each one of us weigh our decisions, and the potential results that come with them, because let’s face it, some of the consequences aren’t good and can last a life time.  I’ve made a few like that.  A post that I wrote in mid-October was about one such decision.

What I’ve learned from those terrible decisions I’ve made in the past is that they matter in the future.  Our decisions mold us into the people we become.  They pave the road we will stroll down going forward.  So, choose wisely, and with intentional purpose.  Our future selves depend on it.

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