Day 11: The Suck Zone of Fear

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

~ Anais

When I think about today’s inspirational quote, thoughts of how fear constricts us until our world is all but microscopic plagues me.  I know that fear isn’t referenced in the quote itself, but when one lacks courage, fear is what takes its place.  Believe me, I know what living in a shrinking box feels like.

I have referred to my previous marriage in several of my posts, and I have spoken of the fear I experienced, but I never considered how my fear affected the world around me.  How it blurred my surroundings.  How it blocked opportunities.  How it cast me into a froze state of immobility.

It wasn’t until I broke fear’s hold over me that I recognized my life could be better.  That my world could expand.  That there were endless opportunities waiting for me at the end of the dark hall I paced.  All I do know now is courage brings amazing things.  So, muster your courage, take a deep breath, and don’t be afraid.  You might falter, but getting up and dusting yourself off catapults you into a universe of possibilities.

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