Day 18: Cultivate Your Connections

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.

~ Unknown

Today’s inspirational quote is one of the indicators that I judge my personal success by – my personal wealth.  Sure, it’s great to make good money and have extra to do fun things with, but I don’t think wealth can be solely measured on the total number of dollars one has in their bank account.  It’s hollow.  There is no true substance to it.

One of the greatest measures of wealth, in my humble opinion, is the healthy relationships that we, as human beings, cultivate in our lives.  Especially with our children.  What this quote is saying, at least for me, is that a person is truly rich when his children want nothing more than your time.  Granted, when children are young, their needs are primal and sometimes selfish.

But this quote speaks to when those children become self-aware, as well as conscious of others.  And not necessarily as adults.  It’s when a child wants more than 20 bucks for a movie or the newest electronic gadget or an overpriced smart phone.  When a child simply wants to be in your company.  To share time with you.  To spend moments with you for the sake of spending those moments.

I’m certain that some of you reading this may not have children, but this quote can be applied to any relationship that you have.  You can find true wealth in the texture of the relationships you have.  This is where you will find the greatest joy.

Tend to the gardens of your lives and cultivate connections that bring true joy, true happiness, and true wealth.

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