Day 19: Give Me Passion

I would rather die of passion than of boredom.

~ Vincent van Gogh

I totally concur with Vincent van Gogh – I prefer passion to boredom.  There is nothing worse on this planet that enduring a mind-numbing, tedious, humdrum existence (in my opinion anyway).  At least for me, that is.  I would much rather push-up daisies than experience a lifeless state, void of any passion or excitement.  What a brutal reality that would be.

That’s not to say I haven’t experienced short periods of boredom.  We all have.  Reflecting on those times, I’ve realized that when I’m bored, I eat poorly, refuse to exercise, suppress bouts of unexpected anger, and struggle to work through problems resulting in enhanced levels of stress.  In short, it’s not healthy for me to be bored.  Ever.  Or at least for extended periods of time.

One certainty is that I don’t want to just simply exist.  I want to enjoy my life, and all the chaos that’s included.  I want to feel the fire burning in my belly that propels me to my greatest achievements.  I want to learn.  I want to experience new things.  I want to live like tomorrow will never come.

If you are in a state of perpetual boredom, re-evaluate the current circumstances you are in.  Find a sense of purpose; a sense of direction.  Set your sails, and navigate to a better place where your motivation is at its highest.  Whatever you do, don’t let boredom kill you early.  Live every moment of your life.


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