Day 28: Find Your Purpose

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.

~ W. Clement Stone

This quote conveys the idea that the beginning of achievement starts when a person has a clear picture of their purpose in life.  This purpose varies from person to person, but without this understanding of one’s self, there is no way of achieving anything.  I mean really, how can hope to achieve a goal if you don’t know why you are working to achieve it?

The whole idea of knowing your purpose isn’t stagnate or rigid either.  A person’s purpose in life can change.  It’s possible that events which occur throughout a person’s lifetime can impact and alter their purpose.  Not small events, mind you.  Life altering events have a domino effect on what we perceive as our purpose.

For me, I think the event that altered my own life’s purpose was having children.  Before that, I believed my purpose was to change the world through a career in trial law.  However, once I had kids, that purpose morphed into one that I believe brought more meaning to my life.  After I held my first child in my arms, I realized that my purpose was to help this brand-new human navigate the course of their life in a healthy and productive manner.

It’s critical for each one of us to find that purpose.  It brings focus to one’s life, and allows you to achieve goals that are meaningful and important.  If you are at a point where you’re not sure what your purpose is, that’s okay.  Take time in figuring it out.  Once you’ve found your purpose, don’t fret if that life’s purpose changes over time.  It’s just an indicator that you’ve grown as a person.  Growth is always a great thing.


  1. So true! It is important to sit back and reflect so that we can grow. And purpose does change, right? When I was a child my purpose was to be a child and then I grew up and the world grew as well. I hope you have an amazing day and a great holiday season.

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