Day 34: So Full of Shite

The best revenge is massive success.

~ Frank Sinatra

Today’s inspirational quote sings the truth like a sparrow perched majestically on the highest of high tree branches.  It speaks of all success, not just monetary triumph.

This quote reminds me of that horrible past I was stuck in.  My ex used to tell me all the time that I would never find another to love me; that I would never be truly happy without him.  Despite all he’s done to me, I think my greatest revenge was achieving exactly what he told me I never would.

I did find another to love me.

I did find true happiness.

How sweet my revenge has been.

If you find yourself in a position where you’re crowded out by doubters; by those who proclaim you will never do [blank] or you will never be [blank], I say, go out and show them how full of shit they really are.  Achieve all that the naysayer’s proclaim you will never achieve.

Show them, and yourself, that you can attain massive success in whatever you decide to do!

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