Day 40: Avoid the Maddening Repeats

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

~ Tony Robbins

Ah, the madness of doing the exact same thing and thinking that it will turn out differently.  Such a wonderful madness.  Each one of us have been affected by it at one point or the other.  I know I’ve done this very thing.  It may be the simple fact that when a habit and its corresponding outcome is so close to us personally that we are simply unable to identify it.

I think the point of this inspirational quote is that if you want a better result, change what you’re doing.  If you want something better, then do something better.  If you want something different, do things differently.  Unless you make a change, you will always get the same, unsatisfying result.  Don’t get stuck in that madness, you already know what it leads to.

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