Day 59: Can’t – A Dirty, 4-Letter Word

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

~ Chinese Proverb

One of my greatest pet peeves is the word “can’t.”  In my book, it is worse than the f-dash-dash-dash word.  You’re probably wondering why?  You may even ask yourself, is it really that big of a deal?  My answer is yes for one simple reason:

That word limits everything in a person’s life.

It prevents a person from doing what they need to do; what they want to do; what they dream of doing.  Honestly, I don’t like to hear it, and I refuse to surround myself by those that employ that word often.  I’m not talking about the instances where I hear “I can’t find my keys” either.  What I’m speaking of is in the context of dreams and goals.

Seriously, why in the world would anyone start working on a dream with the word can’t?  The moment this word is used the person is doomed for failure.  They won’t achieve anything.  How can they?

My advice to the masses is this: never say can’t.  It’s a mantra that I use, and even though I have so many more things to achieve, the absence of this word, this mindset, has served me well.  I’m confident it will continue to do so.

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