Don’t Water It Down

Have you ever met or do you know someone with a huge personality? I do, and many times the people we meet act like he should stifle his enthusiasm for life. That perhaps he should present a watered down version of himself while in public.

My response to this oppressive attitude is…you don’t like him for who he is then you can suck it. If you haven’t figured out who I’m referring to it’s my husband, Todd. He is loud. Boisterous. Bluntly honest. Commands attention through his mere presence.

Many people we’ve run into over the course of our 18-year marriage give off a vibe that screams of their discomfort for who he is naturally. While they only see a person who is obnoxious, I see something quite different.

I see a man who is comfortable in his own skin. A man whose joy for life spills over. A man who makes an otherwise dreary existence exciting and fun.

I would never ask him to be something he isn’t, and honestly, the fact that he is brave enough to be who he is makes me love him that much more. Why should anyone have to suppress who they truly are? It isn’t healthy.

So Todd, continue being you because that’s what I love about you.

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