Day 13: Positive Pygmalion

“We become what we think about.

~ Earl Nightingale

Today’s inspirational quote couldn’t be truer.  It espouses the cliché of the self-fulfilling prophecy – the Pygmalion Effect if you will.  If you believe something to be true, it will become reality through the simple act of acting like it is already true.  The problem is, most of these self-fulfilling prophecies are riddled with negative self-images.

It’s quite rare to hear someone say something positive about themselves.  Even scarcer for someone to believe in that positive to the point that it becomes their reality.  Most of us believe that we are too short, too ugly, too skinny, not smart enough, damaged, inadequate… the list goes on.

What if today, you picked out one great thing about yourself or you picked out one dream you have, and you put every ounce of your belief in it?  What if you held a strong conviction that what you believe about yourself is true?  Could it change your world?  Could it change the course of your life?


Maybe not.

But it would be far better to fill yourself with positivity so that something better results from it.  I’d rather the positive than the negative.  How about you?

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