Loving My Madhouse

zooOne of my favorite things on this round planet is having all my immediate family together, under one roof, living our happiness as loud as we possibly can.  Take for instance this past Thanksgiving holiday (well, right before it actually).  We were together.  All of us.  My husband, mother, daughter, son and his wife and kids.

The house was full.  Brimming even.  It was loud, hectic, crazy, and wonderful.  The grand kids were happy.  Lucy, glued to her Auntie Kit’s computer, squealed as they built a mansion on Sims 4.  Lucas chased one of the dogs (randomly chosen as usual), Nikki and my husband, Todd, chatted while they cooked homemade lasagna, my mother flitted up and down the stairs depending on what her needs were in the moment, and I sat in the middle of all the madness, enjoying the zoo.

Believe it or not, this is a dream come true for me.  I didn’t have this kind of joy as a child.  Mostly because I never felt that I fit in with my siblings (even as a young girl).  My entire life I yearned for this closeness.  I needed this kind of joy and madness in my life.

Amid the craziness, I finally felt almost complete.  Like the days of floating aimlessly along the river of my life had come to an end.  Like I had finally achieved true success and happiness.  Take into account, there is still one child missing from my personal mayhem – Ben.  But I know that will change soon.

Reflecting on this time reminds me that it’s critical in life to surround yourself with what makes you happy; with the people that fill you with unbridled joy.  Even if that brings jubilant chaos.  Do everything you can to make it happen.  Create that familial zoo, and let the madness of it all wash over you.  Enjoy it.  Breath in it.

Life is short.  Don’t waste your precious time on things that don’t truly matter to you.


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