Tough Guy Varnish

toddlucyMy husband, Todd, the ex-Navy Seal, the sledge-hammer wielding oilfield worker, maintains a tough guy exterior to those who don’t know him all too well.  A sort of bad-ass varnish that keeps all those who would harm me or our kids at an arm’s length.  He’s our protector in every sense of the word.

What people don’t realize, what they miss about him, is his huge heart.  His ability to love those he cares about is expansive.  It is this part of him that I get to see; that I’m lucky to experience; that I’m blessed to have in my life.

I think the initial reaction most have when they meet him is that he’s loud, obnoxious, and perhaps even overbearing.  What amazes me is that these ill-informed judgments prevent people from realizing they have just met the best guy walking the planet.  It’s too bad they totally miss this point.

I can tell you that when I’m with Todd, I feel safe.  I feel loved.  I feel protected.  And Todd’s loyalty is rock solid.  If one allows themselves to get past these first impressions, they will end up with a friend who would light the skies on fire for them if it’s needed of him.

I know this is probably a sappy post, cliché even, but I don’t think Todd gets the credit he deserves most of the time, from most people, including some of his assorted family members.  It’s unfortunate for those who overlook the wonderful human being he is.

If you’re reading this Todd, I just want to say, thank you for being you.  You amaze me in every possible way.


  1. Thank you my love most people do not look beyond first impression of. Me. Thank you did. Thanks again and I love to the moon and back. Kisses

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