Crazy Dog Lady

Skarlette Trigger and Ocean

If I wasn’t married, I believe that I would be known as the crazy dog lady.  It’s my theory anyway.  No matter the time of day, where I am in my house, or even what I’m doing, I have dogs surrounding me.  I know you’re probably laughing right about now, but I honestly believe this to be true.  Even my husband and my children agree.  Besides my family members and close friends, I prefer to be with my fur-babies, which is good because they are always close by.

I wonder what that says about me.  When I really think about it, I think the reason that I prefer dogs to most people is because they don’t lie, cheat, steal, or betray those that they love.  There is a certain level of loyalty that is present.  A loyalty that has no strings attached, and not motivated by hidden agendas.

I can count the number of humans that fit this bill on one hand (maybe two if I stretch it), and those are the humans that I reciprocate this loyalty to.  Personally, this kind of loyalty is comforting, in more ways than one.  Bottom line is, I don’t trust people in general.  I know that this is probably a shitty outlook on humanity, but if you think about it, it’s true.

My experience, throughout my life, with other people has not been sunshine and rainbows.  Exactly the opposite really.  Which is why I put so much value on the people in my life that meet this criterion: loyal, honest, kind, trustworthy.  Even with most of my blood relatives, my experience has been sub-par in this arena.

It’s probably why I’ve cut myself off from many of them, choosing to extricate the toxic poison they haul with them.  It’s probably why I do most of my talking to this blog that I’ve created, although, most of what I write about here my husband and children are quite familiar with.

One thing I’m quite sure of is, if more people were pure like dogs, I would have a large circle of friends.  But I’m a realist, and I’m certain that this is unlikely, so I will press on in my life with my infinitesimal circle of those I trust, and be grateful for those people (and dogs) that are in my life for good.


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