Leaving Character Behind

inheritWhen I hear the word “inheritance” the first thing that comes to mind is what material possessions will be passed from one to another in the event of a death in the family.  I think this is what most people first think of.  It certainly isn’t a terrible thing, and by no means is it an indication of greed, but as I sit here mulling it over, I believe that it can mean so much more that physical possessions.

I’ve entertained thoughts of my own death (not in a morbid way) and while I have things in place to ensure that they are taken care of monetarily, I want to leave more to my husband and children than insurance policies that equate to large piles of cash.  Let’s face it – cash is temporary – once it’s spent, it’s gone.  Forever.

What I hope to leave behind for those that I love to inherit is a sense of honor.  A belief that honesty is truly the best policy (cliché yes, but true).  That in the face of adversity, doing the right thing is the best course of action to take, even if it’s the most difficult.  A sense of self-accountability, and the ability to take responsibility for each of their own lives.

I hope to leave them with the ability to care for others with compassion and kindness.  A sense of good will toward others regardless of color, gender, religious belief, or sexual preference.  I want to leave them with a courage that they can tap into in defense of what’s right and who they love.  I hope to leave behind the knowledge that having good character counts for more than any amount of money in this world.

Most of all, I want to leave them with a concrete belief in the unconditional love that I had for each one of them in every single moment of my life.


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