My Little Red Dog: A Miracle

skarOkay, so I know I’ve told you that I’m obsessed with my dog, Skarlette, yet I haven’t written much about her.  I’ve been refraining – controlling myself otherwise I might as well change the name of this blog to Skarlette’s Bark-A-Thon.  Just believe me when I say, I truly am obsessed with her.

Back in 2014, my family and I were getting ready to move to Houston for my job (they gave a choice; move or lose your job).  The moving company arrived and loaded all our crap into the moving van.  Everything was set.  We were ready to start a brand-new life adventure.

I toted out a few last things and crammed them into my car when I hear my husband screaming my name.  Of course, my first reaction was what the hell?  Todd is screaming that Skarlette hurt herself.  Bad.  Immediately I sprint to the house, only to find my little red dog wailing in pain.  It was clear that she had broken some bones because her feet were literally dangling; they were complete separated from the upper part of her legs.  It looked to me like the brake was just above the ankle.

Before her surgery, she had to walk around on two splinted legs.  It was terrible, and honestly, I felt like a horrible pet parent even though I wasn’t responsible for her injuries.  Here is a video of Skarlette walking around before her surgery:

The surgery to fix her legs was going to cost $3,500 to $5,000, and since we had just moved and I was the only one working (my husband had to find a new job after we moved) funds were hard to come by.  I worried that the only options left to us were euthanasia or amputation.

In the middle of my personal hell, something miraculous happened.  A few people I knew in passing that belonged to a Miniature Aussie Facebook page organized a fundraiser for us.  Through this medium, as well as a GoFundMe event, we raised the full amount to have Skarlette’s surgery done.  The amazing thing about this was the fact that I had never met any of these people face-to-face, yet their compassion and kindness to me, my family, and my dog was breathtaking.

Miraculously, Skarlette recovered and to this day, does not have any limp in her gait.  Here is a video of her after the surgery.  She had finally gotten her splints off:

This event brought about two miracles in my life that I never imagined.  First, a little red dog taught me that tenacity can take you a long way.  I know she was in pain for months, but it didn’t get her done.  She woke up every day as a happy little pup.  She ran.  She played.  But most of all, she loved her human family.  Skarlette has a spirit like no other dog I’ve ever owned.

The second miracle that occurred touched me deeply.  Strangers came together for one purpose, and achieved that purpose in excess.  The capacity of these people to express kindness and compassion upon a total stranger filled me with wonder and gratitude.  To this day I still tear up when I think about it.

Out of this came another small miracle.  Me and Karla (the woman who helped organize the fundraiser) created a non-profit called Skarlette’s Fund to help other owners with their sick Miniature Aussies.  We have helped at least 8 other fur-babies so far, and now we fundraise constantly to generate money to help more pups in the future.  If you feel like donating click the link above.

I have been blessed in my life by so many things, and I just want to thank all of those who helped me and my family during a time where help was all we needed.


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