Day 36: Be Strong for Better Days to Come

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

~ Joshua J. Marine

Life is full to the brim with challenges, isn’t it?    I know my life has been overcrowded with barriers.  Failing in my first marriage.  An over-developed, self-paralyzing fear.  Being a single mother.  Living through brain surgery.  Enduring my mother’s Alzheimer’s.  These, at one time, seemed insurmountable.  Some of these still go on to this day.

The way I see it, personal life challenges are nothing more than a springboard to a better me.  To a better life.  To a life that has improved from my past.  It’s what we do in the face of these challenges that brings greater meaning to our lives.  Regardless of the challenges ahead.

For me, the simple act of overcoming these difficulties brought with them a sense that I have much more strength than I thought.  That I’m more resourceful than I thought I could be.  Even more, every obstacle that I’ve surpassed has prepared me to be stronger in the future.  To face new challenges with vigor and tenacity.

Each challenge has delivered meaning to my life.  Meaning to my purpose.  Meaning to those around me.  Don’t shy away from a challenge.  Meet it head on and overcome it.  The result that is waiting far exceeds the challenge in the first place.

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