My Holiday Communal Has Begun

Okay, so I’m heading east on I-10, our car packed full with the people I love most.  Our holiday communal has begun.  Todd and I have been on the road since 5:30 AM in pursuit of our daughter-in-law and grandkids.

As an added bonus this is my first On-the-go post, so I apologize if this post is riddled  with  spelling and grammatical errors.  I figure It’s all good though.  We get to spend Christmas with those we love.

I do wish this could happen all the time, not just on special occasions.  I am happiest when my home is filled with noise and the ruckus of the little ones running around.  But even more than that, the love that this chaos brings swells my home with joy.

This makes it all perfect.  Happy holidays to all my readers out there.   I hope your lives and homes are bursting with love.

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