I Confess, I Have a Poor Opinion of Humanity

humansGenerally, I don’t believe in the inherit goodness of the human race.  There is just so much bad these days.  Parents killing their children.  Spouses killing spouses.  Thugs robbing the unsuspecting.  Kidnappers snatching children.  Teachers abusing students.  All of it has brought me to the mentality that in general, humans are shit.

It may be because humans have a proclivity to be selfish.  It’s this selfishness that drives a person to do bad things, wrong things.  Needs-driven people don’t consider the consequences of their actions on others so long as the ultimate result is getting what they want.  Of course, I’m no expert on the matter, but if you read or watch the news daily, it’s more than evident.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the kind of person that believes everyone is inherently evil either.  I just think that in general, the human race sucks.  How can we, as a supposedly evolved species, stand idly by in the face of such horrors?  We are the only animals on the planet that hunt for sport – hunt for the sheer fun of it.  To me, it speaks volumes.

It appears that we are all so disconnected from what is right and what is good.  We are disconnected from one another.  It really is sad.


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