Day 43: Visualize Yourself

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

~ Buddha

I’ve written about this before in my article about the Pygmalion Effect, and it’s interesting that yet another quote references how the state of mind effects who we are and who we become.  It makes me wonder if visualization is a technique that one could use to become something better than their present self.

Surely, it’s possible, and as it relates to this quote, visualizing the person you want to be could springboard a person to becoming who they think they are or who they think they want to be.  It certainly can’t hurt, right?

I know that I did this years ago when I was married to the wife-beater.  I visualized my life without him.  I visualized living day-to-day, free from the fear of another beating, and look at me now.  That’s exactly how I live my life today; free of fear and violence and pain.

So perhaps Buddha is on to something, right?  The mind is a powerful tool that we can leverage to induce a change in who we are that leads us to who we become.  My advice?  Believe in yourself.  Believe that you can be better than you are right now.  Believe that your life can be different in the future.  Believe that you are capable.

You never know, it just might happen if you believe hard enough.

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