Excerpt From My Novel Project

I haven’t spoken much of my novel project on my blog.  In fact, I think I’ve only mentioned it in passing in a few posts.  I know that in a recent post I mentioned that I really needed to finish this project.  You know, write those last 16 chapters.  What I thought I would post today is a treat for my regular readers; an excerpt from chapter six of my novel.  I think it still needs a bit of editing, but still, I appreciate all of my readers, and wanted to share with you something a little different today.  Enjoy.

Excerpt from Among The Silvermists: Chapter 6: Hidden Truths and Unspoken Lies

Trina followed the musical staccato of Kirsten and Elena’s animated chatter.  The pair of them trotted side-by-side, arms entwined, gloating about Trina’s accomplishment while they weaved in and out of the trees.  Despite the elation, the notes of their voices hung heavy in the air, strangling any happiness that threatened to rise in Trina.  Those poor humans.  Manipulated and stripped of their freewill. And at my hand! 

The woods conceded to the swaying waters of Black Natt Lake, as if its power extended to the rocky shoreline and crawled out from its depths, suffocating any plant life thriving inside its uncut shadows.  The cloudless sky spat the moon’s soft glow upon the ebb and flow of its inland sea; the stars caressed the waves in glints of light that flashed violently against its serenity.  Trina found no satisfaction here, or inside of herself.

Trina marveled at Elena; she carried the full dilly-bag like it was weightless, undeterred by her stunted height and slight frame.  While most Low-borne enjoyed a freakish strength coupled with a small stature, their skills varied.  Some transformed themselves through pigment shifts, blending into the backdrop of their surroundings, as invisible as a chameleon might be, basking in the green leaves amongst the highest tree branches.  I wish I was invisible tonight.  Others possessed mind movement skills, lifting and rearranging objects through simple thought.  Yet, the gift of mind inducement evaded the Low-borne throughout Neatian history; the God, Ramis, and the Goddess, Nyvia, reserved that talent for the Well-borne, according to Elder Hugo.  This remained the single reason for the separation within the tribe.


  1. Loved the writing style in first and third paragraph. I won’t say I didn’t like the second para, but it wasn’t something satisfactory to my taste, the way I prefer writing.
    I’m not saying it isn’t good. Overall, it has its strength, and the way you describe the scene is brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

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