My Aversion to Bullshit

I confess, I’m allergic to bullshit of any kind.  Whether that’s outright lies or embellishments of varying degrees, I am disinclined to listen to it.   The moment my bullcrap radar registers a solitary blip, my listening devices completely shut down. 

I can’t help it either.  It’s literally a physiological reaction.  Simply put, I don’t have time for it.  Either tell it to me straight and true or shut the hell up.  

I believe my reaction is based upon the fact that I don’t douse truth with any kind of malarkey.   It doesn’t suit who I am at my core.   Those people closest to me understand this, and I’d like to think they appreciate that about me.   I hope they’ve come to expect it.  That they count on me for the brutal truth. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not cruel about it but I will call it like it is.  I guess it could be considered my trademark.  Funny thing is, if a person doesn’t like it, I won’t change who I am to appease them.

Bottom line – be who you are always. 


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