My Astonishment is Astounding

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I drove to Colorado to pick up my youngest son, Ben. Aside from the 28 hour drive there and back to Houston, it was a lovely trip.

Now, we are all back home and I’m shocked at how comfortable it feels to have Ben with us. It’s like the last 22 years has not prevented us from loving one another. It feels natural. Like Ben has been with us the entire time.

We chat. We spend time together. We laugh. We hug. The years between us have been erased.

Many of my regular readers know that this life change for me has played havoc on my nerves, but I can honestly say, it exceeded my expectations. In a good way. I worried that there would be an awkwardness hanging in the air, but there hasn’t been.

It’s experiences like these that demonstrate the power of faith and love, two of the strongest forces in my humble opinion. Have faith in what will be, and love those around you fiercely. We only get one life, so use it wisely.

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