Careful, Don’t Blink

I remember before I had kids, time dragged on. It felt endless. Like I had all the time in the world. Like the seconds, minutes, hours meandered slowly along, taking it’s exquisite journey without care or worry.

Then I had children, and with a single blink of an eye, time rushed by, compressing all of my memories into the briefest moment. Where had all of that time of my youth go? Wherever it rested on the timeline of my life, it passed with rushed fury.

I look at my life today and sit on it’s fringes, gazing at the lives of my adult children, watching them make decisions, both good and bad. They are loving other people. They are having their own children, guiding them, nurturing them, loving them. They are making the most of the life I gave them in this world.

What an amazing thing to witness. I feel honored to watch the changes that they have grown through. I’m blessed to experience every single moment with them. I’m fortunate that they were chosen to be my children.

I love you Carl, Kit, and Ben.


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